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GJM Guitars

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I've been building, modifying and upgrading guitars for many years and now I'm making the guitars I build for myself available to you. Contact me for a quote on your dream build. 

Get Greg Marra's signature guitar tone in a box handwired in California by Punch Pedals!! Designed by legendary pedal builder Robert Ardent and tone tested by Greg Marra for the ultimate "plug-in and crank" tone in a single box. The Uppercut Pedal is designed to be run into the front end of a clean amp (with little to no preamp gain) with immediate chunk and note clarity at your fingertips when switched on. "I have played countless fly-dates over the past several years with some of the biggest names in the music business and I would never be certain what amp would be rented for me and as you can imagine, I would get close with multiple boxes but never be able to get my tone at 100%. The Uppercut Pedal has solved this with the teeth of a Marshall and the smoothness of a Mesa with chunk and clarity for days". - Greg Marra


The Greg Marra Uppercut by Punch Pedals is handwired in Southern California by Robert Ardent who has built pedals most notably for Richie Kotzen (solo, Winery Dogs) and Scott Dalhover (Dangerous Toys) to name a few. 


Limited to 25 pieces worldwide

Priced at $150 plus $10 shipping in the US 

Outside of US please use the shipping calculator

"Greg Marra Uppercut Pedal" by Punch Pedals

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