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Greg Marra is the guitarist and vocalist for the band Plenty Heavy and is a guitar luthier based in Southern California.  


Greg has shared the stage and studio with:

  • Paul Gilbert (Racer X, Mr. Big, Solo)

  • Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper)

  • Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai)

  • Andrew Freeman (Last in Line)

  • Bjorn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine)

  • Mike Hansen (Hurricane, George Lynch)

  • Joey Heredia (Steve Lukather, Scott Henderson)

  • Ray Luzier (Korn, David Lee Roth)

  • Jimmy D'Anda (Bulletboys, Lynch Mob)

  • Billy Sheehan (Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, Steve Vai)

  • Mark Slaughter (Slaughter) 

  • Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa)


Greg Marra has toured as session guitarist for some of the biggest names in the music business. Greg is endorsed by Fishman Pickups, Victory Amplifiers, The String Source, Punch Pedals, and Chromacast Accessories.


Greg has released several records and singles as well - most notably "Lose an Ear" with Korn drummer Ray Luzier which garnered top 100 new rock singles on independent music charts.


Greg’s new band Plenty Heavy has over 100 thousand views and engagements on social media outlets. Plenty Heavy’s new record Colossus Maximus is available worldwide on all digital media platforms.


Greg is the host of the Iconoclast Music Podcast with over 100 episodes including the who's who in the music industry.


"From a young age I've always found myself wanting to know how mechanical things worked from pulling my vintage cassette and record players apart to finding vintage electric guitars and amps at flee markets and pawn shops and breaking them down and building them back up again. I'd Frankenstein several supposed junk guitars into one with  the best parts from each. 

As I got older my obsession continued from swapping pickups in brand name guitars to refinishing or stripping back paint jobs to reveal the natural wood as well as dressing fret sprout. 

When I became a pro touring and studio guitarist I found one of the best guitar techs in L.A. but always hated waiting several weeks to a month to get my guitar jobs completed. At this time, I figured I had to fill in the gaps of the knowledge I didn't possess and learn how to do more pro guitar work myself. This led me on a journey to learn electrical wiring, fretwork, finishing and everything needed to build a guitar from scratch into a highly playable and tone-laden instrument. I decided to start GJM Guitars to facilitate my desire to design guitars that I could produce to my needs as well as other experienced players. The only way I felt I could get great at fretwork and manufacturing was to find a job working at a guitar factory. That's just what I did.  I was hired into production at Larrivee Guitars and within a few months I was in the heat of production and had fretted over 600 guitars. I worked side by side with some of the greatest luthiers in the business throughout the years. It is to me one of the most fulfilling endeavors to create instruments that other guitar enthusiasts love and can pursue their passion. 


My designs are familiar to true classics but with a twist. I've always thought that vintage Japanese guitars from the mid to late 60's had some of the coolest designs and in fact, my first electric was a Kawaii with a radical shape and massive headstock. I wanted to take some of those shapes and rework them into something a bit more modern and then make them play like a dream with modern electronics - a resto-mod vibe like the tricked out hotrods you see around So-Cal cruise nights. I also take my time to make sure that all of the notes on the neck have a snap and are leveled and crowned perfectly so that you hear the most tone from each and every note. I quite enjoy working with Limba and other wood species that are naturally beautiful . I apply a hand rubbed satin gel or high gloss poly as well as offer one of a kind nitro-distressed finishes and other unique finishes such as the aged barn wood and white-washed fence look. 


I offer two price points; the "Standard" with an aftermarket neck that I fret, level, crown, and polish for maximum comfort. The Standard models have options for body wood types, pickups and configuration, finish, and hardware. 


The second is the "Premium" which you can select the woods for neck, fingerboard , and body as well as selection from two neck profiles; chunky and standard C . For the premium level guitar you will also have the option to choose the fret wire as well. 


"Standard" prices are $1899 and "Premium" start at $2499. 

Each and every guitar is hand built by me at my shop in Southern California. I look forward to creating a truly unique guitar for you to enjoy for a lifetime!"

 - Greg Marra

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